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Anaerobic waste water treatment
Energy-efficient by biogas production

The anaerobic waste water treatment has reached increasing importance in recent years. Again, CUSS has successfully implemented various projects and gained a high reputation in the market through well-engineered concepts and customer-dedicated project execution. Especially in industries with highly contaminated waste water, anaerobic treatment is an excellent solution with individual benefits. Biogas from the anaerobic digestion of organic matter represents a considerable energy potential for electricity and heat generation. For environmental protection and resource conservation, the use of this potential is of considerable importance.

The emission of biogas (methane) into the atmosphere is prevented, so that the environment is protected. Through the use of biogas to replace fossil fuels, the operating costs are significantly reduced. The CO2 emission is reduced.

The use of combined heat and power (CHP) in conjunction with water treatment plants is an integral part of our product range and will gain further importance in the future.