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process visualisation
Process Visualization and SCADA
Long lasting experience in process visualization systems

Having gained more than 20 years experience while integrating our customer’s concept ideas, the SCADA basic system “IGSS” (Interactive Graphical SCADA System) employed by us has proved to be excellent. The visualization system meets the high standard required by industrial plants. The implementation of a SCADA system (System Control and Data Acquisition) prevalent based on user experience and customer's agreement is a valuable tool for the storage and verification of plant related incidents and measuring values.

The key aspects of the CUSS visualization systems are:
  • Monitoring of events like disturbance alarms
  • Display/storing of measuring data curves and trends
  • Zoom functions, exporting of data in CSV-format, curves as E-Mail
  • Flexible alarm system
  • Taylor-made or standard reports
  • Compiling of incident-based reports (savable as XLS, PDF, XPS, HTML)

We use one of the „state of-the art“ and safest SCADA-systems on the market. Dynamic plant schemes on the monitor with changing object colors to indicate the aggregates status as well as acoustic disturbance alarms are part of the standard.

Our SCADA-System can be implemented for other supplier’s plants as well.

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